As your local representative on Galway City Council,
I will always prioritise:

community facilities
Sustainable planning
rejuvenating Salthill

Latest news

Galway City West Councillor, Clodagh Higgins was recently elected to […]
Cllr. Higgins has today welcomed Galway City Council’s progress on a vision plan for Salthill Village. The plan is called Salthill Village Seafront Strategy will capture all aspects of the villages future development from planning to transport, and will capture the beach, urban design, transportation, parking, flooding, environmental conservation and tourism promotion.
Fine Gael, Councillor, Clodagh Higgins has today urged government to urgently move the dial and introduce meaningful support for the hospitality sector in Galway.

I want to make Galway the best city for everyone to work in, live in & to raise a family in.

I am passionate about our community and everyone living in it and I intend to be a strong, effective and pro-active voice in dealing with the issues that matter to you and the community.

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Galway City Council

I’m a member of the following Strategic Policy Committees:

  • Transport
  • Economic, Community and Cultural Development
  • Planning
  • I also Chair the Local Area Committee for Galway City West
Galway City Council

About the Council

Galway City Council, as a local authority, performs two roles:

– Representational Role

– Operational / Executive Role

The Representational Role is performed directly by the 18 elected members of the Council who are elected from three local electoral areas:

– Galway City East – 6 Councillors

– Galway City Central – 6 Councillors

– Galway City West Ward – 6 Councillors

The Councillors are elected for a period of five years – the current term runs to June 2024.

Operational / Executive Role is performed by the Council staff, under the leadership of the Chief Executive and The Management Team.

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