Cycling Officer would develop sustainable transport solutions for the City

Fine Gael, Galway City West Councillor, Clodagh Higgins, has submitted a motion to Galway City Council asking that the Executive considers the appointment of a cycling officer in the interest of developing sustainable transport solutions in the City.

Higgins herself is a keen cyclist and believes this would be a “game changer” in the development of transport infrastructure in the city while at the same time promoting the excellent health benefits of cycling for people living in the city. 

Councillor Higgins said “the problem is that cycling infrastructure and policy is being designed by non-cyclists and I think it is fair to say that unless you look through the eyes of a cyclist you cannot design fit-for-purpose initiatives”. 

Higgins continued “a cycling officer could promote cycling in the city, provide information and safety awareness, audit school cycling routes and develop ‘walking bus routes. They could also be tasked with establishing a Cycle Forum and be responsible for overseeing the formulation and delivery of the local cycling policy for the City”.

Councillor Higgins said “while I fully acknowledge there is some great cycle infrastructure in Galway there is also much that falls well below par. With the growth in the popularity of cycling for commuters, recreation and school children we need to ensure the city is adequately equipped to protect its citizens” the best way to do this is through positive policy and infrastructural development”.

Councillor Higgins concluded “it is vital that cycling is put at the heart of transport planning, its the right thing to do, it is the prudent thing to do and cycling as a means of transport is very much part of the future of our city. Appointing a Cycling Officer would be delivering a clear message that we in Galway are serious about the sustainability of our city”


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