Cllr. Higgins has today welcomed Galway City Council’s progress on a vision plan for Salthill Village. The plan is called Salthill Village Seafront Strategy will capture all aspects of the villages future development from planning to transport, and will capture the beach, urban design, transportation, parking, flooding, environmental conservation and tourism promotion.
Councillor Clodagh Higgins appointed Peace Commissioner for Galway County and surrounding counties.   Fine Gael Councillor Clodagh Higgins has been […]
Fine Gael Galway City West Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today called on Galway City Council to implement an emergency plan […]
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Fine Gael City Councillor, Clodagh Higgins has today welcomed the decision of the City Hall pact to support her proposal […]
At the request of the Gardaí, the Blackrock Bathing Area including the Diving Tower and the walkway to the rear […]
Salthill needs more parking facilities to accommodate visitors and help the village grow and thrive, according to Councillor Clodagh Higgins. […]
Towns throughout Ireland are disrupted and Salthill is no different. But stating the obvious without proposing solutions allows the status […]