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Cllr Higgins calls for Pharmacists and GPs to be given an immediate role in vaccine roll-out

Current progress akin to walking around in glue

Galway City Fine Gael Councillor and Psychologist, Clodagh Higgins has today expressed her concerns regarding the delays in people getting the Covid19 vaccine.

With inoculation due to start this morning, Councillor Higgins says that this falls short of the required level of pro-activity expected in a pandemic. She compares the situation with the UK where 10,000 medics and volunteers have been drafted in to administer 100 million vaccines to people within days.

The HSE recently confirmed that 180 people have been trained to carry out vaccinations in the community while a further 1,500 vaccinators are to become available in the acute hospital system with the HSE to then roll out its vaccination programme to GP’s and Pharmacies.

Councillor Higgins said “Our vaccine rollout activity falls well short of what is required in a pandemic. The welfare of people, businesses and livelihoods are at stake in circumstances where they have been through three waves of this pandemic. We now have a solution in a number of vaccines being approved and some being delivered already to this country. Yet the only affirmative action we have seen thus far is a commitment to the rollout to nursing homes who will acquire much deserved doses.”
“We need more and should expect more as the country enters another lockdown. We know under the Covid-19 Vaccine Strategy that we will have over 8 million doses available to us from the end of February. So where’s the plan and why the delay when supply clearly won’t be an issue? The clear solution here is to speed up the delivery of approved vaccines and allow GPs and Pharmacists administer them immediately as these are all suitably qualified professionals”.

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