With no income it will be difficult to keep the show on the road

Fine Gael Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today called on An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar and the Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Shane Ross to provide a fund to support local sporting clubs so their survival is ensured post-Covid19.

Councillor Higgins said “The reality is many local clubs depend on a variety of income streams in order to keep the show on the road. In particular, we would be approaching a traditionally busy time over summer with many clubs running sports camps, tournaments, renting rooms and pitches which represented an essential revenue stream for clubs.  Unfortunately, with all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 it looks like this revenue stream will completely dry up. 

Councillor Higgins continued “However, worse still, clubs have the added pressure of not knowing who will be in a position to sponsor teams as they were usually supported by local businesses and the majority of these are struggling”. 

“Clubs are hugely concerned and it is imperative that we protect our sporting community in Galway because we need to ensure the sustainability of them as they provide essential amenities to our youth and represent the future of sport in Ireland. We must not forget that at the onset of the pandemic, they willingly played their part and adapted to the challenges with some of them going beyond the call of duty like the GAA volunteering their facilities to the health authorities. Furthermore, I know of some  senior club members who are providing grinds to second level students and volunteering with various covid-19 voluntary groups. The essence of community is best represented by our sports clubs and we need to help them adapt to the further challenges they face and ultimately, help them survive. I have written to the Minister and my party leader to ensure their needs are listened to and meaningfully acted on”.

“I believe people will not be confident about traveling on public transport for some time, so therefore, offering alternative means of transport is of vital importance. Given Salthill and Knocknacarra’s proximity to the city centre and the numbers living in this area, I believe the scheme will be well utilised and will deliver health benefits and great value for investment. This will leave a lasting and positive legacy on our areas, well beyond this pandemic” Councillor Higgins concluded


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