At a recent Transport Strategic Policy Committee, former Mayors of the City, Cllr. Clodagh Higgins and Cllr. Noel Larkin expressed their frustration with Galway City being essentially ignored by the powers that be on the issue of the Ring Road.

During the course of the meeting, both Councillors, made reference to the grave traffic situation and the necessity of proceeding with the Ring Road as soon as possible.

The Councillors shared frustration stemmed from the chronic traffic issues that faced the City which was particularly evident over the previous few days.

Over the course of the meeting Cllr. Noel Larkin proposed, and Cllr. Higgins seconded, a motion that the SPC would write to the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan to emphasise the urgency for an expedited decision from An Bord Pleanála regarding the outer bypass/ring road. Regrettably the motion was not heard.

After the meeting both Cllr. Larkin and Cllr Higgins stated their frustrations that Galway is being ignored. Cllr. Larkin said “after years of discussions and debates on the matter, a decision on the proposed ring road is urgently required and the construction of it would result in significant benefits for the city and region, including the creation of new job opportunities, improved transport links and enhanced economic development”.

Cllr. Higgins agreed with Cllr. Larkin and added “Galway is the fastest-growing city in Ireland and it is expected to continue to grow substantially in the coming years. To accommodate this the construction of the ring road is an urgent necessity. The ongoing delay is causing significant frustration and uncertainty for local residents, businesses and the wider community and it is damaging our reputation which is currently focused on the shocking traffic jams in the city.”

Cllr. Higgins said “the time has come for a decision on the Galway outer by-pass and it is important that all stakeholders work together to ensure the best possible outcome for the city and residents. The fate of the of this project lies in the hands of An Bord Pleanála and it imperative that they urgently make this decision so the benefits or fall-out from same can be best dealt with.”

Today both Councillors, Cllr. Larkin and Cllr. Higgins have united on this issue and have jointly written to An Bord Pleanála asking to prioritise and expedite the decision making process and provide clarity to all concerned parties at the earliest opportunity.

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