Higgins calls on Galway City Council to designate a garden to help those heal from the pain of pregnancy loss.

Fine Gael Councillor, Clodagh Higgins has set down a motion calling for Galway City Council to help break the taboo that exists regarding miscarriage and stillbirth by designating a garden to help those heal from the pain of pregnancy loss.

Councillor Higgins said “miscarriage is such a raw topic as it has touched all homes in some capacity or another as more than one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  Great work is being done by organisations and of course by celebrities such as Rosanna Davison and Síle Seoige and we need to build on this work”.

Councillor Higgins said “some women find themselves feeling alone in their grief because nobody knew they were pregnant in the first instance. It is really difficult when you have a miscarriage, as in some instances when your baby leaves your body you may not be able to identify when this happens. There is such coldness which surrounds miscarriage and the sadness associated with it creates such a void for mothers, fathers and families and such a loss can be emotionally paralysing”.

Councillor Higgins said “by creating a garden we are providing a place to remember, somewhere to visit on the anniversary of your child’s due date, birthday and a place to feel connected and to honour the memory of your lost child”.

Councillor Higgins continued “people will have a lot of feelings and emotions after miscarriage, and it is hoped that a garden of this nature would provide people with a place where they are free to feel what they need to feel and grieve the way they want to grieve”. 

Councillor Higgins concluded “I have spoken with Féileacáin – The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland and The Miscarriage Association of Ireland who were both very positive and supportive of my proposal and I will now work to ensure delivery of this garden”. 


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