Higgins to move motion on May 13 to ensure delivery of important facilities

Cllr. Clodagh Higgins has today called on Galway City Council to submit an application to the Large Scale Sport Infrastructure Fund (LSSIF) to secure funding for the development and upgrade of sporting facilities at Kingston and Millars Lane.

The Large Scale Sports Infrastructure Fund is a €120m fund administered by government, providing grants to local authorities and other eligible bodies to support the development of major sport facilities. Eligible projects include the construction of new facilities and the expansion of existing facilities. The fund was announced on Friday last and applications remain open until July 1st. 

Cllr. Higgins said “Our community has a clear need for additional sporting facilities and this funding stream presents a huge opportunity which will help to deliver high quality amenities that our residents deserve. There are so many unquestionable benefits for the people of Knocknacarra that participate in sports and physical activity. 

Cllr. Higgins added “I’ve been working with several clubs focused on progressing master plans for both Kingston and Millars Lane.  Developing these amenities out of the Galway City Council budget was always going to be a struggle but now there is a real opportunity to secure central funding. The Council must act now, and ensure that an application is ready to go within the tight timeframe.

My motion is designed to ensure that the Council has a clear direction from elected representatives to submit an application and I am hopeful that my colleagues will support my motion on May 13th. I am appealing to all members of the Council, irrespective of political persuasion to do so as it will be a key enabler in the  delivery of funding and facilities for the people of Knocknacarra and beyond.”

Cllr. Lyons who has seconded Cllr. Higgins’ motion said “I am very happy to second Cllr. Clodagh Higgins’ Notice of Motion in relation to securing funding to progress Kingston/Millars Lane Master Plan. This project is long overdue and needs to be delivered at the earliest opportunity”.

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