Higgins confirms consultants to be appointed to decide on cycleway from Silverstrand to the City centre

Fine Gael Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today confirmed that Galway City Council is to appoint consultants to undertake a high-level assessment and prepare a feasibility study identifying a suitable route corridor for the Silverstrand to City Centre Walkway/Cycleway.

Councillor Higgins said “I am delighted to inform people of this wonderful development of our cycling and walking infrastructure in the city. I have been pushing for this and was thrilled to receive news in response to a motion I set down to help realise this objective. This is the first step in delivering such an important piece of infrastructure for the City and a project I am passionate about”.

Councillor Higgins continued “creating this walkway and cycleway will be a gamechanger for the community particularly for those who cycle, walk, rely on wheelchairs, mobility scooters or parents with pushchairs and prams. A dedicated route will make for a more pleasant journey for all and it will provide a safe amenity for the people of Galway and beyond to enjoy.”  Councillor Higgins concluded “extensive consultation will take place throughout the various stages of the process but delivery of this project must. I will endeavouring to see it delivered in a timely manner”.

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