I want to make Galway the best city for everyone to work, live and raise a family in.

Mental Health

Increase Community Mental Health Initiatives

Measures to counteract the loss of life at the River Corrib

Traffic Management

Public Transport Connectivity

Development of Cycle Lanes and Greenways

YOUTH Amenities

Increase Local Youth Facilities

Fully Utilise and Re-Purpose existing spaces e.g. Leisure land Complex

Community & Safety

Proactive Community Alert Initiatives

Develop Cycle Lanes & Improve our footpaths

Increase Awareness of Disability Challenges

Introduce Speed Calming Measures in Housing Estates, Schools and at Local Clubs

Introduce Dog Fouling bye-laws


Enhance Salthill so it becomes a Community and Cultural Hub

Develop a Plan that will deliver a day, evening and night-time economy

Introduce Rates Incentives for Businesses which will Enhance the Retail Mix

Unleash Salthill’s creativity through a Stakeholders Engagement Process so everyone has a village they want

Sensitive Planning of the Village which is Architect driven


Introduce Flood Protection Measures for Salthill

Extension of Cycle Paths to Salthill/Knocknacarra

Secure Funding for and Designate Areas for a Plastic Bottle Deposit Return Initiative

Work to Decarbonise Galway’s Public Transport

“Light up Galway City” – Explore a Hydro-Electric Pilot on the River Corrib

Introduce Urban Garden Boxes with free herbs