Fine Gael Galway City West Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today called on Galway City Council to implement an emergency plan to counteract expected littering on Salthill beaches and parks during the summer months. 

Higgins has called for Big Belly bins to be installed across Salthill. The Councillor said that “with the advent of outdoor dining we must be ready for the extra litter this will generate so getting proactive measures in place as soon as possible makes perfect sense.

Councillor Higgins said “I am obviously delighted with the prospect of Salthill’s restaurants opening up and the advent of outdoor dining but it is crucial that in order to help restauranteurs in the area that the Council gets  a pro-active littering plan in place. I have been in touch with the Environment Department to put in place an emergency plan to deal with this matter. The department has undertaken to review the frequency of bin collections in the Salthill area and they will make decisions appropriately in line with need and resources”.

Councillor Higgins said “whilst I was happy to hear that some measures are being reviewed, I really feel that more can be done. The current bins in our area are not fit for purpose. We urgently need the delivery of solar powered bins across the village if we are going to ensure that littering does not become an eyesore with the expected increase in visitors over the coming months.”

Councillor Higgins continued “Galway City Council ground staff are doing a wonderful job in cleaning our city day after day however with recent spells of good weather it saw lots more waste being left on the beaches and being washed into the sea. We know the consequential damage to the environment, to the health of all organisms and potentially to the hundreds of daily swimmers so it is incumbent on us to take action”.

Councillor Higgins said “I have now set down a motion calling on Galway City Council to put in place the following measures in Salthill, a plastic bottle and aluminium can deposit return unit, along with solar powered compactor bins which have real-time information to tell waste collectors when the bin is full”. Councillor Higgins continued “I also believe an awareness campaign should also be implemented and I have called on Government to introduce a National Litter Awareness Campaign to deal with this issue as our local authority needs this support”.

Councillor Higgins concluded “people also need to take responsibility for their actions, leaving waste anywhere is totally unacceptable. If people bring waste with them the least, they should do is take it home with them”

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