Salthill needs more parking facilities to accommodate visitors and help the village grow and thrive, according to Councillor Clodagh Higgins.

Councillor Higgins said Salthill is becoming busier and busier and while this is a positive for businesses in the area, locals could increase the footfall further if parking facilities were not so limited.

“While this is a great development, the opening of the new cinema in Salthill has brought an influx of cars into the village, so we are almost victims of our own success as we need further provision of car parking,” she said last evening.

“At weekends in particular it is almost impossible to find a space to park in the village. This fact alone acts as a deterrent to people visiting here. With Galway 2020 in full swing and more tourists expected to come here, Salthill needs to get a bite of the cherry and accommodate everyone.

She said that the lack of parking facilities is also impacting other sections of the community too.

“This is not good enough. People are parking illegally and impeding disability access, blocking residents’ gateways and unbeknownst to the offender, causing a health and safety challenge”.

Councillor Higgins said she is aware that the complex at Bailey Point which houses a number of businesses such as the cinema and is home to a vast number of apartments had very specific conditions attached to its planning regarding car parking spaces within the complex.

“The planners report which granted permission clearly stated that the cinema alone required 92 spaces and in fact approximately 60 spaces allocated for the whole complex including the apartments are currently available, as the underground car park remains closed”.

“The planning conditions provide that parking spaces be available for patrons and residents and for this reason I have sought to have this enforced.

“I have referred the matter to Galway City Council to be investigated further. Best practice indicates that planning permission should be complied with and where Salthill stands to gain I will do everything I can to deliver on this,” she concluded.


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