Someone needs to take responsibility for giving Bailey Point a face-lift – Cllr. Higgins

Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today expressed her frustration at the fact that Galway City Council will not intervene and resolve the decline of the external parts of Bailey Point complex in Salthill. The Councillor called the development in its current state “an eyesore” because of the plaster falling off.

It is understood that despite requests Galway City Council will not intervene and order the owner to make good the exterior of Bailey Point complex in Salthill.

Councillor Higgins said “Bailey Point development was one of the most ambitious ones for our village and its mixed use gave rise to lots of positivity about its addition to the village despite some initial reservations. However, we have seen the building fall into gradual disrepair with its external façade in a very poor state as a result of plaster falling off the building”.

Councillor Higgins said “I have been working with Galway City Council and apartment owners to try and reach a satisfactory conclusion on the matter however the matter of structural defects to the external façade of this development cannot be pursued under planning enforcement. This is deeply frustrating and disappointing to learn particularly as we approach summer months and the aesthetics of our village become even more important.

Councillor Higgins said “it is ridiculous that this building has allowed to become an eyesore on Galway’s golden mile. While I fully acknowledge that this is a complex situation particularly with regard to ownership of public areas of the development something needs to be done and walking around in glue is certainly not the answer. Councillor Higgins continued “The apartment owners hands are tied at present due to the complex situation regarding ownership of the building and someone needs to assist”.

Councillor Higgins concluded “I have written to Minister Darragh O’ Brien requesting that this policy and legislative lacunae is addressed in the interests of not only maintaining the positive features of the building but ensuring that the plaster which is falling off does not cause any health and safety impact”.

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