Your City, Your Ideas – Cllr. Higgins says future Galway City development should be led by the people

Fine Gael City Councillor Clodagh Higgins has today urged the people of Galway to take an active role in voicing their opinions on how they wish to see our City progress and evolve.

Galway City Council has commenced the process of reviewing the current City Development Plan which will lead to the introduction of a new plan for the period of 2023 – 2029. The Plan will encompass details such as Infrastructure, Housing, Economic Development, Transport, Biodiversity and Climate Action.    

Councillor Higgins said “This review is essentially updating the rulebook upon which all future development is based on and judged against. The new plan will be used to guide development and will set out a vision for how Galway should develop and evolve through the lifetime of the plan”.

Councillor Higgins said “I am urging people not to miss the opportunity to have their say about the future of Galway as it is so important that everyone’s views are heard and incorporated into this framework that will set out our future. I feel strongly that as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic that we have to have a City fit for purpose, that is forward thinking and encompasses the changes necessary for all of us who call Galway our home and not just the few”.

Submissions are accepted up to March 5th on high level strategic issues.

Councillor Higgins concluded “ Covid19 has changed the way we think about our communities, there are huge challenges that we face as we emerge from the pandemic and this Development Plan can help us adjust. We can improve the fault-lines of the existing Plan by creating a new one, but we need the people of the City to play their part and put forward their ideas to ensure the document reflects a shared vision.” 

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